Magic Shower Headā„¢ High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head with 360 Degree Rotation


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Three Luxurious Spa Quality modes of water pressureĀ for the best shower experience ever.

Ā The New Magic Shower Head is a Ā  THREE MODEĀ shower head that isĀ  Hyper PressurizedĀ and can Ā freelyĀ  rotate 360Ā°. The upgraded version of this shower headĀ delivers up toĀ  200% more water pressure, soothing away aches, tension and mental fatigue at aĀ  49.8 % reduced water cost. Moreover,Ā It can also turn into a hose forĀ  BATHROOM CLEANINGĀ giving the same pressure needed toĀ  SPRAY AWAYĀ the stains and dirt from your bathroom.

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This product has been vigorously tested by our professional team of US shower head experts to highest US quality and performance standards
Ā Improves water pressure by 200% andĀ cuts your water bill down!

This functional showerheadĀ  SAVES WATER Ā as theĀ  PRESSUREĀ combines the water withĀ  AIRĀ to make it enough for your need but saves water from overflowing. It is equipped with Ā 180 tiny laser-cut water holes, resulting inĀ  luxurious high-pressure waterĀ while still looking after the environment byĀ  saving water consumption.Ā Tiny water holes on the strongĀ  stainless steel head panelĀ withĀ  water-saving effect.Ā Laser perforated technology feature with a Ā flow rate of 18 gallons/ 10 minutesĀ atĀ 1.8Mpa.Ā Saving the environment, while saving money at the same time.Ā 

US Standard size shower hose - Easy Installation

No need to call a plumber. The 3 In 1Ā High-Pressure ShowerheadĀ can be easily installed without tools. It isĀ  COMPATIBLEĀ withĀ allĀ  US STANDARDĀ shower hose and shower accessories.


Three modes:Ā Depending on your mood or needs, youĀ  can easilyĀ  adjust the water mode. Three modes that can GIVE you the BEST SHOWER & MASSAGE EXPERIENCE.

A key switch:Ā  Humanized design, convenient and quick. One key stop water once opened and used. Simply slide back or forward to lock all water flow.Ā 

Universal rotating:Ā  360 degrees rotating around.

Detachable Design:Ā The shower head can be detached to form a high pressured hose that can clean your shower tile floor, rinse the drain, or even reach the toilet for a deeper clean.


    • Material:SolidĀ ABS and stainless steelĀ 
    • Heat temperature:Ā 100 ā„ƒĀ 
    • Size:Ā 80*240mm/3.1*9.4ā€ (L*W)Ā 
    • Net weight:Ā 210 g/ 7.4ozĀ 

        • 1 Ɨ High-Pressure Showerhead 3 In 1
          (Optional Hose , and Mount sold Separately )

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        Anti-Kink Shower Hose

        The shower hose is made from durable materials. The outer layer of Ā  stainless steel Ā is strong and Ā  will not rust. This shower hose will be the last one you buy. The inner tube is made from a high density Ā anti leaking PVC rubber. This high temperature resistant materialĀ willĀ not easily deform in high temperatures and has Ā  strong aging resistance. The super thick alloy nut and copper core The Ā  durable alloy nut and copper core Ā have been reinforced, which can avoid rust or leaking to bring you a better lifelong user experience. Anti-winding design The telescopic elastic tube can allows you to Ā  freely move the hose around at any angle to clean your body. The stainless steel tube is soft to stretch and will not lose original shape easily.Ā  The design makes it Ā  very hard to get tangled.Ā Easy to use and install with our premiumĀ  Magic Shower Head.

        Material: Ā copper+ stainless steel+PVC

        Color:Ā Silver

        Nominal pressure: Ā 16 Mpa

        Operating temperature: 0-90 ā„ƒ (194Ā°F)

        Model:Ā Universal quad interface, 14Ā outer tubesĀ 

        Size: Ā 2m/1.5m

        Net weight: Ā 2m:190g/6.7 oz 1.5m:160g /5.64 oz

        Shower Head Ā Mount Ā Features

        The shower head bracket doesn't need to be screwed into the wall, but attaches to your wall with 3M waterproof strong adhesive. Itā€™s made of space aluminum material which has high load bearing of 50 kg and guarantees you long time usage in the shower. With 2 hanger hooks, it is very convenient to hang other necessary stuff in the bathroom It is suitable for various walls, and it can be installed on different surfaces, such as smooth tile, metal surface, wooden surfaces, tile with gaps, white wall, glass

        Material: Ā Space Aluminum

        Color: Ā Silver


        Net Weight: Ā 60g/2.12oz

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